How to Identify the Signs of Teething?

Teething is a very new experience for kids and can sometimes be rough. Some children teeth early and some children may experience more intense symptoms than normal. But its important to know baseline for normal, so you don’t miss anything more serious that could be occurring apart from baby’s teething.

Fever, diarrhea and rash

  • Slight elevation in temperature might be normal but should not cause a true fever.
  • Similarly some loose stool may be present but diarrhea is unrelated to teeth.
  • Rash around mouth is common due to drooling but body rashes are not linked to teething.


  • Salivary glands of baby start developing around 3-4 months. Since babies don’t master swallowing or don’t have complete control over muscles around mouth, drooling is common.

Hands constantly in mouth and chewing

  • Hands are your baby’s way of exploring the world around them.
  • Many babies also suck on their fingers as a way of self soothing.

Ear pulling

  • Pulling of ears is common but do rule out ear infection.



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