Baby’s Teething chart

Every parent is worried about the child’s development. Among the many milestones, eruption of teeth is one of the most exciting milestones. Although it might be painful sometimes, your baby’s smile will just light up when he/she will have teeth within.

  • The first 2 teeth usually erupt around 6 months of age. These are known as the incisors (usually the bottom two are the first ones to come followed by the upper two). Soon these will be joined by 2 more; one on each side of the centre ones. (1st will be the lower two and then the upper ones). Don’t worry if these teeth do not appear at the right time. Sometimes there might be a delay in eruption. Usually by the end of one year, there are around 6-8 teeth.
  • As the baby grows older and moves into the second year, he will get the first molars; first of which would be the upper ones followed by the lower ones. The rest of second year is full of your child’s mouth just exploding with teeth- canines and second molars.
  • By age 3, the child will have all the teeth.

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