Chromogenic Stains On Children’s Teeth

Dark stains on children’s teeth often can be confused with cavities but fortunately, other than colour they are harmless.

  • These stains called chromogenic stains are seen more often in young children.
  • They are external stains caused by stain producing bacteria called chromogenic bacteria.
  • Both bacteria & stains are harmless except for the colour.
  • These stains appear more on lower teeth than upper teeth but some staining will be present in all teeth.
  • They are seen along the gum lines of teeth (both inside and outside), but the gums are usually healthy.
  • These stains are hard to remove and can be quiet resistant to regular brushing and homecare.
  • They disappear just as suddenly as they appear because microflora in mouth changes as your child grows.

How they can be treated??

  • Professional cleaning can remove stains.
  • In very little children, where esthetics is not a concern, we can wait for the cleaning till the child gets bit older.
  • Good brushing can decrease the intensity of staining.

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