When to take the child for first oral examination???

While your child is growing up, it becomes so easy to get caught up in his development and forget about monitoring condition of teeth. While you can be health conscious about your child’s teeth by requiring him to stick to oral hygiene routine you have created for him, there could still be more things going on in your child’s mouth than just plaque and food debris. This makes it important for your child to have a comprehensive oral examination as soon as possible.

Why does your child need it??

Regular visit to dentist can help in protection of your child’s oral health. These examinations can be an opportunity for your child’s dentist to detect any oral problems as early as possible and provide immediate treatment. It also helps to take care of your child’s dental health a lot better through tips given by dentist.

When can my child have dental examination????

Frequency depends on various conditions including age/risk of tooth decay.

General guidelines-

  • Age 6 months-1 yr – recommended to have examination when 1st tooth has already erupted and not later than 1st
  • Toddlers and adolescents- Every 6 months.

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