Sometimes children need root canal.

You know that your child’s teeth will fall out eventually and be replaced with permanent ones. So how important could these baby teeth really be? Those first teeth are quiet important for proper development of permanent teeth and should not fall off prematurely. However some children end up with seriously decayed teeth and need extensive treatment. A root canal has best potential for saving teeth though it may sound like an extensive procedure for your kid. Here are some of the reasons a root canal can be best treatment options for your child-

  • A decayed tooth hurts and can get worse. Your child could be experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold or even pain. The decayed tooth might get chipped exposing pulp. When this happens, simple treatment can really help. The infected pulp has to be removed and a crown placed on tooth until permanent erupts.
  • The procedure for child is simpler, faster and safer for permanent. For root canal of primary teeth special instruments are used which makes treatment faster, also the material used is biocompatible so that the coming permanent teeth won’t be affected.
  • Your child will experience minimal pain. Your child’s affected teeth will be numbed and the affected nerve will be removed so that the child won’t have much pain after treatment.
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