Just as the kids need freedom of space for their proper development and growth so is the case of teeth….to know the reasons lets read the following…

Not all parents are aware regarding the importance of baby teeth on child’s future dental health. Baby teeth are designated to serve as “guides” for the permanent ones, so that they grow in properly. When baby teeth come out too early for any reason, adjacent teeth may move into the space left by the missing one, leaving no room for the permanent one.

It is inevitable that some children will loose one or more baby teeth before they should, with decay or injury being the main reasons. But parents don’t need to be overly concerned for the child’s future teeth. Here’s why …

Space maintainers can be used to protect the gap-

These dental devices can be put into place to preserve the space until your child’s permanent teeth erupt, essentially replacing the baby teeth. Though removable ones are available, we prefer using the fixed ones to ensure that they are in place to do their job. (Often children tend to loose or may not wear the removable ones.)

Customized space maintainers provide a perfect fit-

After taking impression of the region having space loss, the models are sent to the lab where the space maintainer is fabricated based on the space. This in turn ensures an ideal fit.

Caring for space maintainers-

It is very important to maintain good oral habits, including brushing and flossing to protect gums and teeth. You can also use salt water or over the counter mouth washes, which helps to heal the gum tissue as well as kills bacteria.

When to remove the appliance???

When you or your children notice the permanent teeth coming into the space, make an appointment with us so that we can determine the proper timing of removing the appliance.

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