Healthy teeth = Happy Child

Even before your baby was born, you may have begun interviewing the pediatricians. Most parents-to-be understand that having a trusted doctor in place is an important part of planning for baby. And it’s true. It’s also true that a trusted dentist is vital to your child’s health care from his/her earliest days.

Some parents think that your child won’t need a dentist until he/she has full mouth of permanent teeth. But ideally dental care should start with their adorable toothless gums. Unfortunately most parents don’t have a pediatric dentist on their resource list which is simply put not healthy. Tooth decay is the most common diseases found in children. Healthy teeth and mouth are just as crucial to a child’s wellness as good nutrition and doctor visits.

At Kids Dental Studio, we know that supporting good oral health for children goes hand-in-hand with their general health and wellbeing. Early dental visits teach a child important lessons such as –

  • Oral health is important
  • Going to the dentist can be a low stress, even fun experience.
  • Tooth decay is mostly a preventable disease.
  • Decay and other tooth and gum problems can be stopped or managed when discovered early.

We offer our kids and their parents the best, most current advice, procedures and techniques when it comes to establishing good dental health- from infants to teenagers. One reason we are able to provide the kind of treatment that you want for your children is that, we have the expertise and training to understand that they can’t be examined and treated as if they are just little adults.

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