Healthy options for healthy teeth…

Often while munching our favorite foods, we don’t think about it being good for our teeth, infact we think of brushing them afterwards to make sure we can keep eating for years to come. But, not all foods are bad for teeth. There are a number of foods that actually prevent cavities.

If you are looking for a way to satisfy your hunger while protecting your teeth, try chewing down on one of these options. But this doesn’t mean that you can skip your brushing!!!!

  • An apple a day –

Not only does an apple keep the doctor away, but it also helps keep the cavities away. The crispier the apple, the more saliva your mouth produces and saliva is essential in helping to keep the mouth clean and free from cavity causing bacteria. It also stops the growth of some bacteria.

  • Dairy products-

Since dairy products are high in calcium it helps strengthen bones which include teeth. Also it can remineralize small cavities that have already started forming, thus preventing decay. Cheese is especially useful as it can balance out acids in mouth that contribute to cavities.

  • Have black tea instead of black coffee

Black tea contains flavonols, which help stem growth of bacteria. Also, tea contains fluoride, which we all know is fantastic for your teeth.

In general, eating a healthy, balanced diet will help your mouth stay healthy.

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