For all the moms out there, who consider chocolates/candies as tooth monsters, here’s a list of foods for you which are as bad as or even worse for your child’s teeth.

We all know that candy and other sticky, sugary treats are bad for our children’s teeth. But there are plenty of foods less obvious than candy that can cause cavities.

  • Peanut butter – It’s full of proteins and fibers, but is also sticky and sweet. That means it clings to your teeth just like candy. So make sure they wash it with lots of water.
  • Potato chips – they are filled with starch, which tends to get trapped in teeth. So make sure your kids take extra care to brush away all the particles.
  • Popcorn – the kernels that don’t pop all the way, or at all, can crack and even break the teeth. This can be especially true if your child has fillings. A popcorn hull that sticks in the gums or between the teeth may stay stuck and become irritated.
  • Dried fruits – Raisins/cranberries and most dried fruits have lots of sugar and they stick to teeth. This in turn gives cavity causing bacteria, long lasting food supply. So be sure children brush well after such treats.
  • Citrus fruits – Are full of vitamin C and potassium, but frequent exposure to acids can cause erosion of enamel making it susceptible to decay. So rinse with water and brush in about an hour after consumption.
  • Sports drinks – Much serious tooth damage can be blamed on high sugar beverages like sugar drinks.

Your kids don’t have to give up these foods. But have to brush regularly and visit dentist for check up and cleaning every six months. That can help prevent many of these foods from causing big problems.

To help your kids schedule a disciplined pattern on having such foods in the right manner and right proportion, contact KIDS DENTAL STUDIO 7202833900

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