Do you hear some weird sounds of teeth grinding when your child is asleep??? if yes, do give this one a read…..

You might have gotten fairly accustomed to rhythmic sucking sounds of your baby falling asleep with a pacifier. But when you wean them off the pacifier you might be surprised to hear some new unidentifiable sounds from your child’s mouth when he/she is sleeping.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism is most often seen in adults and is probably due to stress or teeth that doesn’t fit together properly. But these aren’t typical problems for children under 5. There are other reasons that might be culprits of bruxism-

  • A child can be used to the feel of moving their mouth around and somewhat chewing on their pacifier and they are replacing that routine with teeth grinding.
  • Can be a result of ear infection
  • Can also be a result of teething.

Even in young children bruxism can be associated with stress. We tell our parents to be aware of moodiness, clinginess, changes of eating or sleeping habits, or any other changes in behavior. You may be able to eliminate some of the things that trigger stress in your child. For example, making sure you are sticking to their routines but adding extra attention before bed.

Bruxism usually doesn’t damage children’s teeth. That’s because grinding usually goes away before all permanent teeth are in. In fact most kids stop grinding by the age 5-6 yrs whereas some may continue into adolescence (wherein they might require mouth guards to protect the teeth)

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