As a pediatric dentist the most common question encountered is “my child wants to brush his/her own teeth. Doesn’t let me clean the teeth at all”; “takes ample of time holding brush in the mouth”; “doesn’t like to brush at all”; “what should I do to make my child enjoy brushing”

So, here are few tips/techniques which might help all the moms out here solve their problem…….


  • BRUSH WITH THEM – Parents are a role model for their kids. Allow them watch you having fun while brushing and let them understand how good it is for them and in no time they will want to follow your lead !!!!
  • BRUSH THE TEETH OF YOUR KIDS FAVOURITE DOLL/TOY, so that the child can learn how to hold brush themselves. Let them brush their teeth on their own and once done you can request them to let you brush their teeth just once. Bet me…. This helps a lot!!!!
  • GET ATTRACTIVE TOOTHBRUSH ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR CHILD –buying your children fun and bright toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste and colored floss may help them make dental hygiene fun.
  • MAKE IT A GAME- if you have two kids make a game out of brushing. Eg-“who can brush longer” “who can make most bubbles while gargling”
  • RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK- as it is important to brush two times for 2 minutes, you can set the clock to a timer and check whether they can outlast it. Gradually on repeating this activity daily, kids will inculcate the habit of brushing for 2 minutes.
  • REWARD THE BEHAVIOUR – the most important of all is to reward their behavior. Give your child a sticker each time they brush or offer them a reward if they can go a whole month without brushing trouble. Also you can make an oral calendar for a month which will help them establish a good brushing daily routine.

To get printable of oral calendar or to learn more about such fun activities contact KIDS DENTAL STUDIO 7202833900 or email [email protected]

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