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Why do children suck their fingers or thumbs??

This type of sucking is completely normal for babies and young children. It provides security. For young babies, it’s a way to cope up with and learn about the world.  In fact, babies begin to suck their fingers even before they are born.

Are these habits bad for teeth and jaws??

Most children stop sucking on thumb or other objects on their own between the ages 2-4. However, some children continue over long periods. In these children, the upper front teeth may tip towards the lip or not come in properly.  Frequent or intense habits can affect the way the child bites the teeth as well as the growth of the jaws.

What can I do to stop the habit??

Most children stop the sucking habit on their own but some kids require the help of the parents and dentist to stop the habit. When your child is old enough to understand the dentist can explain the child of how the teeth and face would look if the habit doesn’t stop.  This advice along with the parents help can help break the habit. If this doesn’t work appliances can be given.